New Parameters

Our crack IT group has been hard at work! As of yesterday morning, The Bloodhound System has added over 150 new fundamental parameters added to its list of searchable criteria including a number of footnoted and other accounting factors. These items are added to our existing daily point-in-time database, the most thorough and comprehensive of its kind. Users can build strategies or screen using any of our parameters over the last 26+ years.

Items such as Allowance for Doubtful Accounts, components of Property, Plant & Equipment, components of Inventory, breakdown of debt maturities and capital leases, Unfunded Pension Liabilities and other non-pension related APBO Liabilities, Minority Interests, Order Backlog, Depreciation Rate, among others have been added to the user interface. Our Fundamental Balance Sheet drop down lists now include separate categories for Assets, Liabilities, Equity and Supplemental.


Our Descriptive category has added criteria for different accounting methods (e.g., LIFO vs. FIFO, capitalized vs. operating leases, or type of Depreciation method). Our Income Statement category is now listed in visual order, and includes most individual line-items for annual, quarterly or LTM measurement.

Each of these items can be used to screen or build a strategy using absolute figures or comparitive changes. Also recall that items can be paired together and users can write their own formulas using simple of complex math.


Combined with our existing fundamental, technical and pricing data, the possibilities are almost endless, and make Bloodhound the most comprehensive tool available for investment professionals. Try it today. Each Bloodhound account comes with a 21-day review period.

Up next: Estimates data

The newness of these parameters won’t last long. Shortly, we will be adding forward looking estimates data to our point-in-time database. Stay tuned!

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