Strategy Back-Testing & Stock Portfolio Management

  • Easily scan our vast database of strategy combinations
  • Develop simple to highly complex strategies in seconds
  • Test for quantitative and qualitative factors that drive performance
  • Reveal your strategy's market vulnerabilities
  • Receive trading ideas consistent with your thesis
  • Create on-going tracking portfolios, monitor style drift, and more ...

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Better data, better back-testing, better portfolio management

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Better Data

Bloodhound is the ultimate online portfolio back-testing tool, and will change what you think about back-testing. Our approach is unique in two ways. First, we've built a point-in-time database that is free of survivorship and look-ahead biases. Second, our back-testing engine uses advanced simulation methods, making it easy to validate your investment approach over any time period since 1987 in a matter of seconds.

The Bloodhound System is not a "Black Box", but rather a collection of tools with which you can develop your own proprietary ideas. Bloodhound can accommodate almost any equity investment or trading strategy you can devise, and our Strategy Builder tool offers uncompromising ease-of-use. Because we built our back-testing engine using advanced, high-performance software technologies, you can experiment freely to fine-tune your investment approach before committing dollars to it.

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Test your investment strategy against our 25 year database prior to investing.

Better Back-Testing

No Selection Bias

Unlike other providers of back-testing tools, we don't start with the present and work backwards. That flawed approach can introduce significant lookahead and survivorship bias into your results, and subject the user to financial restatements and adjustments. Bloodhound is different. We start at the beginning and move forward. From 1987 through last night, we build a conforming portfolio that faithfully replicates the rules of your strategy and then manage that portfolio in accordance with its rules, each and every trading day, taking measurements of its performance along the way. We trade it as you would have. Our approach solves the bias problem.

Stress Test

With our deterministic methods you get to see how your approach would have worked, over all market environments, giving you a realistic portrait of how your approach would have performed in the real world. Our approach is a portfolio approach, not an academic exercise; it allows detailed analysis all the way down to a portfolio's specific constituents, trade-by-trade. You can also test your theories about which quantitative and qualitative factors drive performance, and can easily examine trends, and produce reports that support it. With Bloodhound you can reveal your strategy's true alpha, as well as identify any vulnerabilities.

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Manage multiple stock portfolios with The Bloodhound System<font size=2>™</font>.

Better Portfolio Management

Finally, Bloodhound doesn't only live in the past. Our on-going portfolio management tool will automatically generate daily trade recommendations based on your strategies. Don't rely on the vast, and exaggerated, flow of publicly disseminated investment ideas. Bloodhound's trade recommendations will keep you aligned with your strategy. Further, Bloodhound™ will alert you when a holding no longer meets its original thesis, and help you avoid style-drift.

With Bloodhound you'll know if you have a good investment case ... or a bad one, and you'll know it before you invest.

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