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Stock Portfolio Management

  • Easily scan our vast database of investment strategies
  • Develop simple to highly complex strategies in seconds
  • Back-test your strategies via our simulation engine
  • Build implementable portfolios based on your strategies
  • Receive trading ideas consistent with your strategies
  • Research recommended trades prior to puchase, and more ...

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Quick Answers

Portfolio management made easy with The Bloodhound System<font size=2>™</font>.

What is Bloodhound™?

Bloodhound is an integrated suite of stock investment tools designed to give investors the edge they need to do their own research and to implement their own ideas for stock investing.

It represents state-of-the-art investment software that is changing the way stock portfolios are constructed and managed. In Bloodhound's world, investors or their professional counterparts find investment strategies that have demonstrated the capability to meet their needs and then construct and dynamically manage their portfolio consistent with that strategy to achieve superior returns.

Bloodhound is an open investment system that combines professional-level tools, databases, and a rigorous 27+ year point-in-time back-testing engine. Our software simplifies and integrates investment strategy development, portfolio construction, ongoing portfolio management, and stock research into a single, easy-to-use system.

Test your stock investment strategy against our 27+ year database prior to investing.

What does it do?

Bloodhound helps you determine what stocks to buy, when to buy them, and when to sell them all based on a point-in-time back-tested, personalized investment strategy.

This new breed of software helps you:

  • Define a systematic stock investment strategy;
  • Search for an alternative investment strategy that meets your specific preferences;
  • Evaluate the performance of an investment strategy over 27+ years of history;
  • Create a stock portfolio based on an investment strategy;
  • Test an investment strategy before committing funds to it;
  • Use an investment strategy to evaluate a legacy portfolio;
  • Manage a portfolio to improve its performance via daily buy/sell recommendations;
  • Screen for stocks using over 1,400 technical and fundamental criteria;
  • Research stocks using extensive online stock charts or detailed financial statement data for fundamental analysis.

Build stock portfolios that conform to your investment strategy with The Bloodhound System<font size=2>™</font>.

Why should I use it?

Simply put, to make money in the stock market and to do it with greater risk control, discipline and confidence. Bloodhound:

  • Takes the Emotional Element out of Stock Investing. Each investment is based on a specific set of rules and does not depend on subjective second-guessing and the usual fear/greed concerns;
  • Brings a Discipline to Your Investment Process. A well-tested strategy gives you the confidence needed to take every trade recommendation required by the strategy's rules. No fretting about what the experts are thinking or what the talking heads are saying;
  • Tests the Rules of Your Strategy Prior to Investment. A point-in-time tested investment strategy gives you a good idea of how it will likely perform in future markets; and
  • Unparalleled Ease-of-Use. Designed by experienced investment professionals for both the novice and the wall street veteran. Bloodhound software's speed and ease-of-use is simply unmatched by any competitor.